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Ruth Langsford is representing ‘Britain’s menopausal women’ in Strictly

Ruth joked she would prefer “hot moves not hot flushes”.

Ruth Langsford has said she is representing the “more mature woman, possibly in the menopause” with her stint in Strictly Come Dancing.

The 57-year-old will take to the dancefloor of the BBC One series and joked she would prefer ‘hot moves not hot flushes’.

Ruth Langsford

She said: “I am fully in the menopause, there is no denying that.

“I think viewers of This Morning and Loose Women are predominantly women of my age and over, and I’ve had such a fantastic response from them, and they are all saying “we’re rooting for you Ruth, we’re right behind you”.

“I really feel like I am kind of representing the more mature woman, possibly in the menopause. That’s why I said I’m looking forward to a hot dance rather than a hot flush.

“I feel I’m out there for the menopausal women of Britain.”

Strictly Come Dancing Launch 2017 – London

The This Morning presenter said she was taking hormones for her menopause now, so it was not affecting her as badly as before.

“It affected my mood, I got tired very easily, my weight … I really struggled and still do, if you’re trying to lose weight,” she explained.

“When I was younger, I could lose weight very easily and that gets harder.

“I dealt with it until eventually I thought “no, I think I better go and explore the hormones”, which I’ve done and I feel ten times better.

“I think, also with Strictly, I think the adrenaline of Strictly and it makes you hopefully feel good about yourself, will hopefully make you feel sexy, the costumes are sexy. I am looking forward to embracing that side.’

She and her husband, Eamonn Holmes, have been having a light-hearted war of words on This Morning about her participation in Strictly.

Asked if she thought Eamonn was worried she may ‘elope with a hunky Russian dancer’, she joked: “I’m hoping to make him extremely jealous, that’s one of the main reasons I’m doing Strictly.

“He’s not a jealous man, so I intend to rub myself provocatively up against any dancer who is vaguely handsome, and I hope he is green with envy watching me at home.”


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