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Ryan Gosling: Carell's a saboteur

Steve Carell is a work saboteur, Ryan Gosling has claimed.

In the forthcoming comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love, the Notebook actor plays a "lothario" who tries to give Steve's character tips on winning women over - but Ryan found himself affected by his co-star's comic skills during filming.

"He's an assassin - if he finds what your button is, he will try and press it and sabotage you," the Blue Valentine star recalled.

"He hits you in this way so you can't really tell it's coming... and then you get into trouble."

However, Ryan revealed working with Steve was a dream come true.

"It's just a completely different experience. When I first moved to LA at 17, I did a pilot, where I had a small part with Steve Carell," he said.

"I was watching him one day and he was so funny that the crew couldn't make it through the takes. It was the first time it occurred to me that being so good could be a problem."

He continued: "I made a promise to myself that I would work with Steve one day so it came along at the right time, just after I finished Blue Valentine."

Crazy, Stupid, Love, which also stars Emma Stone and Kevin Bacon, is due for release later this year.


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