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Ryan Kwanten in 'cancer comedy'

Ryan Kwanten has revealed he is currently filming a romantic comedy about testicular cancer.

The True Blood star plays a party-loving lothario in Not Suitable For Children, who discovers he has testicular cancer and wants to have a baby before he becomes infertile.

Ryan told Men's Health magazine: "My character is a free-spirited rogue who holds crazy parties every Saturday night. At one party we see my character enjoying himself with a young lady. She discovers a lump - and it turns out he has testicular cancer.

"He has two weeks to get someone pregnant, before he's rendered infertile. It explores the male biological clock, and how we too have a clock that's ticking. We want kids, too, as much as our bravado and our ego won't allow us to admit it.

"It's going really well."

The 34-year-old Australian actor, famous for playing Jason Stackhouse in the hit TV show, revealed he likes to keep himself busy. He said: "I like to have a hectic schedule.

"I've spent two thirds of my career getting myself into a position where I can do stuff like this, so now I make the most of it. I make about two movies a year outside the True Blood schedule. I work on a great show six months a year, then outside that I get to satisfy whatever creative urges I have.

"It's a great position, especially for a single guy like me."

The full Ryan Kwanten interview is published in Men's Health November issue - on sale Monday October 3.


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