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Ryan Reynolds: I’d never silence the Spice Girls

The actor stars in Netflix movie 6 Underground.

Ryan Reynolds stars in 6 Underground (Isabel Infantes/PA)
Ryan Reynolds stars in 6 Underground (Isabel Infantes/PA)

By Julia Hunt, PA Entertainment Correspondent

Ryan Reynolds has set the record straight after making a joke at the Spice Girls’ expense in his new film.

A scene in 6 Underground sees the actor’s character rip out a car stereo to stop it playing the group’s hit song Wannabe.

But the star joked that cutting off Mel B and co so abruptly was not something he would do.

He wrote on Twitter: “The song was added in post production.

“I would NEVER interrupt the Spice Girls. Never. Especially during a car chase. That’s when I’d need them most.”

Reynolds also addressed the moment in an interview with Yaaas TV, saying his wife Blake Lively would be unimpressed.

He said: “Where I’m from, in my house, that’s a religion, man. When my wife finds out that I rip out a radio because the Spice Girls is playing, I’m a dead man.”

The Netflix film also stars Melanie Laurent, Ben Hardy and Dave Franco.



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