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Rylan Clark-Neal: Big Brother was the last real reality show

The presenter will be co-hosting a show with Davina McCall.


Rylan Clark-Neal (Ian West/PA)

Rylan Clark-Neal (Ian West/PA)

Rylan Clark-Neal (Ian West/PA)

Rylan Clark-Neal has said Big Brother was the “last real reality show”.

He and Davina McCall are co-hosting Big Brother: Best Shows Ever, celebrating the “juiciest, most memorable episodes”, on E4.

Clark-Neal said Big Brother “was the last real reality show on TV”.

“It wasn’t constructed in any way, people weren’t being told what to do. Big Brother would put situations into the house, whether it was a task or nominations or an eviction,” the Celebrity Big Brother winner turned Big Brother’s Bit On The Side presenter said.

“All the content would come from these people in the house and they create the show. It’s the most real reality you can see on TV.”

Emma Willis and Dermot O’Leary will be special guests on the new show, which looks back at highlights from the programme.

McCall said: “Stuff that I do now is very sensible, so it will be nice to watch back some irreverent TV again.”

– The first episode airs on Sunday at 9pm on E4.