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Sacha Baron Cohen 'too old' to play Ali G again

A new Ali G film could happen "one day" but Sacha Baron Cohen may be too old to return in the role, according to his long-time collaborator.

James Bobin, who was a director and writer on Da Ali G Show before forging a successful career in Hollywood, suggested Cohen, 44, could play the father of his comic creation if he was reprised for the big screen.

The pair, who also worked together on Borat and Bruno, reunited for Disney's latest film Alice Through The Looking Glass, which Bobin directed and Cohen stars in as Time.

Speaking at the film's LA premiere, Bobin told the Press Association: "An Ali G movie? Who knows. He's probably too old nowadays. Maybe Ali G's dad?

"I love all those characters. These days it's harder because everyone knows who he is. One day maybe."

Cohen briefly resurrected Ali G at this year's Oscars when he appeared on stage dressed as the fictional character from Staines.

Despite huge success on television series in both the UK and US, the character's previous film outing in the 2002 movie Ali G Indahouse was panned by critics.

Bobin, who also directed The Muppets and its sequel Muppets Most Wanted, said he believed Cohen was an "amazing character actor" and they remained close friends.

He said: "Sacha lives here in LA and so do I. I've known him for a long time, our kids are a similar age, so we hang out quite a lot. But I haven't actually worked with him for like 10 years.

"Having him back on set was like having an old friend back. It was lovely.

"I knew he could do this because we created those characters - Ali G, Borat and Bruno - together and that was when we had to go into the real world and no one ever said to him 'I don't believe you're these people'."

:: Alice Through The Looking Glass is released in UK cinemas on Friday.


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