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Sacha channelling Liam for Grimsby

Sacha Baron Cohen appears to have taken inspiration from Liam Gallagher for his new film Grimsby.

The spoof spy comedy - co-written and produced by Sacha - sees the Ali G star play a reformed football hooligan forced to go on the run with his brother - a suave secret agent played by Mark Strong.

Sacha has been pictured filming on location in London for the movie, sporting a Mod mullet with a floppy fringe and long sculpted sideburns, that make the actor bear a striking resemblance to the Oasis and Beady Eye singer.

The Borat star was dressed in an England football shirt, cropped jeans, flip flops with socks, and had tattoos on the inside of his forearms and a bandage on one hand.

The 42-year-old actor and comedian seemed relaxed as he was snapped standing in the street with his trousers round his ankles, while a stunt team strapped a harness round his waist and legs.

Sacha was pictured running through the street in costume clutching a wine bottle, and chatting to Mark Strong, who looked suave in contrast, dressed in a black polo neck and suit.


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