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Sacha's Dictator 'kidnaps' Scorsese

Martin Scorsese was kidnapped by Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy character The Dictator in a sketch for Saturday Night Live.

The Oscar-winning director was shown being held hostage by Admiral General Aladeen, the lead character in the Ali G star's new film The Dictator, and asked, under threat of electrocution, what he thought of the movie.

Scorsese said: "It was great. It was better than Raging Bull! The cast with Ben Kingsley, he's great in it, it's his best work since Hugo.

"Please, please see it."

The sketch ended with The Dictator telling Scorsese he was keeping him prisoner as he had lied about the length of his award-winning 3D film, Hugo.

Sacha also appeared on The Today Show over the weekend, again in character as Admiral General Aladeen, and told presenter Matt Lauer that his co-star Megan Fox was pregnant with his baby.

He joked: "Yes, it's true. Megan Fox is now pregnant and wants to get child support.

"What does she think I am? The richest man in the world?"


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