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Saldana: I'm proud of film injuries


Zoe Saldana enjoyed the stunts on the film

Zoe Saldana enjoyed the stunts on the film

Zoe Saldana enjoyed the stunts on the film

Zoe Saldana has revealed she was proud to be covered in bruises after filming her new action movie.

But the Avatar star, who plays an assassin avenging her parents' deaths in Colombiana, told the New York Daily News her family were "mortified" when she turned up to a wedding with her badges of honour.

Zoe said: "I had this really nice dress on and I was full of bruises on my legs and arms.

"I'm talking about huge black and blue lumps all over my body. My family was mortified, but I take great pride in these bruises. I'm not a masochist but I work really hard, and these were proof of the blood, sweat and tears I poured into this role."

The 33-year-old actress revealed she was comfortable with the guns and stunts involved for the film because she grew up hunting.

She said: "I was really prepared for the fighting and the guns. I knew I would have to learn new fighting techniques since Cataleya (Zoe's character) has a unique fighting style that she learned through her uncle on the streets. But the guns weren't an issue.

"I grew up around a family of hunters in the Caribbean and guns were always around. I've gone hunting before, too. I have a lot of respect for weapons. Now, I obviously didn't know about all the weapons used in this movie, but that allowed me to create my own sort of swagger."

And Zoe admitted: "The fight scenes were certainly easier for me because I'm a dancer. The fight scenes were all about reacting and deflecting, and that doesn't always look graceful. It takes a lot of rhythm and physical grace."