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Samia Longchambon reveals hairdressing mishaps on Corrie set

The soap star said she almost knocked Barbara Knox’s head off.

Samia Longchambon has had a few accidents in the salon (Ian West/PA)
Samia Longchambon has had a few accidents in the salon (Ian West/PA)

Coronation Street star Samia Longchambon has recounted some of the near-misses she has had playing a hairdresser on the soap.

The actress, who plays Maria Connor on the show, said she came close to injuring co-star Barbara Knox during a scene in the salon.

She said: “I’ve had so many near misses! It’s so hard to remember your lines and what you’re doing, and actually pretend that you look good at what you’re doing.

“Of all people it was Barbara Knox (who plays Rita Sullivan) in the chair, and I nearly ripped her head off!

Barbara Knox was almost the victim of Longchambon’s hairdressing mishap (Ian West/PA)

“We’ve got the old-fashioned hairdryers, with the visor that comes down. In the scene, Rita’s under the visor, and I just pulled it back without lifting it up and Barbara’s head just went with it! I was so sorry!

“Another time, I nearly cut Kate Ford’s (Tracey Barlow) fringe off. I had the actual hairdressing scissors and they were up there, and I don’t know what stopped me, I was just doing it.

“I was shaking afterwards, and I said “Kate I think I nearly just gave you a tuft instead of a fringe!” We have lots of things like that.”

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