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Sampson's spot of bother busking

George Sampson has revealed he almost got slapped with an Asbo after his busking proved too much of a hit.

The former Britain's Got Talent winner - who next stars in StreetDance 2 - attracted the attention of the local authorities when he showed off his dance moves on the streets when he was 13.

"It's my favourite thing. The people loved it, I had huge crowds - but the council hated me," the 18-year-old admitted.

"They tried to give me an Asbo for having such a big crowd that the cleaners couldn't get past. I didn't get it! It was too social so it became anti-social. But they never got away with it and I carried on."

Since winning the ITV talent show in 2008, George - who started dancing when he was six - has become a star of both the small and big screens, with roles in StreetDance, Waterloo Road and the upcoming series of Mount Pleasant.

But he said dance will always be in his heart.

"Dancing will always be my number one thing, it's my first love," he said.

"I like the acting, but it's not my dancing. It's a case of loving what I do, but I'm not doing what I love with acting. Saying that, I'm enjoying being a newbie and an underdog in the acting world because I'm learning a lot," he added.

:: StreetDance 2 opens in cinemas on March 30.


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