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Sandler: Film raises web concerns

Adam Sandler has said his new film gives pause for thought about monitoring children's use of the internet .

The Wedding Singer star veers away from his usual comedic roles in Jason Reitman's ensemble cast drama Men, Women And Children, based on a book about how adults and children communicate while trying to navigate the dangers of the internet.

Adam, a father-of-two, revealed at the Toronto International Film Festival: "It didn't appeal to me in a like 'Oh my God, I connect with this so much' way, it appealed to me in a way that I knew it was a strong movie and a strong statement to watch.

"It's going to make people think. I don't know if you leave the theatre feeling good or bad, but you can take away it's all out there and you got to keep an eye on stuff."

Jennifer Garner - a mother-of-three - plays an over-protective mom in the movie, who monitors her daughter' s social media conversations.

She said: "Oh my gosh, this movie affected me so much when I saw it. You think it's a social commentary, but then by the end you're so emotionally invested in these characters, and it's about the kids - it's the kids' movie and we're all just there to support them. But you're so invested in their lives it ends up being really emotional."


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