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Sandler unfazed by film critics

Adam Sandler has revealed working with his friends and having a laugh is the reason why he makes movies.

The 46-year-old funnyman, who has starred in comedies such as Grown Ups, The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer, admitted that criticism about his films doesn't bother him.

"I know what they say about me, and they've never made me laugh yet. I have to remind myself of the reason why I came into films - which is just to have fun, laugh and be with my buddies. That's why I do it," he told the BBC.

Adam's new film, Grown Ups 2, reunites most of the cast - Adam, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade - as a group of 40-something friends still behaving like juveniles.

"Well, you show me a man who ever wants to grow up. I think we're trying to show that you should have fun at any age," he explained.

"Just because I've passed a certain age - like 40, for example - doesn't mean I should be sitting back in my chair, looking at a youngster having all the fun, whether it's in film or in real life."

The father-of-two added: "It's an attitude, a joy towards life that we're expressing. I never feel like a grown up even now, apart from when I am being a parent to my two daughters. That's when I catch myself behaving like my own parents did towards me."

Adam joked that Taylor Lautner's appearance in Grown Ups 2, which will be released on August 9, made the other men feel uneasy.

"There were screaming girls outside the set every single day, even on the days when Taylor wasn't working. And also, he can do his own backflips. That creates its own kind of male tension," he quipped.


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