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Sandra Bernhard: I was screaming over Roseanne revival

She will reprise the role of Nancy for the reboot.

Sandra Bernhard will return as Nancy (PA)
Sandra Bernhard will return as Nancy (PA)

Sandra Bernhard has said she was “screaming” after she learned sitcom Roseanne will return to television.

The King Of Comedy actress played Nancy, one of the first bisexual characters to be shown on US television, on the hit series starring Roseanne Barr.

Bernhard told Good Morning Britain: “I didn’t think I would end up getting to be on this reboot because they were only doing eight episodes but then they added a ninth.

“Roseanne said, ‘We want you back as Nancy, what do you think she’s been doing all these years?'”

Bernhard said she thinks the world has changed considerably since Nancy first came out in the show.

She added: “Nancy was married to Arnie, who was played by Tom Arnold, and he drove her into the arms of Morgan Fairchild.

“I do think we have changed, the great thing about Nancy is it was done with such a great sense of humour and Roseanne and I got to collaborate on the idea of the character.

“It wasn’t like we were just going to come out and beat people up with it.

“You got used to a fun character who had sexual fluidity and that was ahead of the curve.”

Asked if the Trump presidency will be a factor in the revival, she said: “I’m not 100% sure because I’m on the very last episode so I don’t know what the lead-up will be but I’m sure that it will be addressed.”

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