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Sandra Bullock wants women to get more film roles written for men

Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock has said she hopes more roles written for men will be given to women.

The star plays an election consultant in a heated feud with a rival in her latest movie Our Brand Is Crisis, a part intended for a man until she approached producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov about making the character a woman.

Speaking on the red carpet at the film's Los Angeles premiere, she said she hopes this kind of shift will happen more often.

"It would be great, I think some roles belong to the male sex and some belong to the female sex, I just think writing wonderful stories that embrace and support women is needed.

"I like men, I don't want the male roles to change but I will go after a role if I think a woman can play it."

Bullock, who has an adopted five-year-old son, said that being a parent has not changed the kind of roles she pursues.

"I choose the same way as before but now I just need to choose something my son can actually watch," she said.

Clooney walked the red carpet at the premiere with his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, while Billy Bob Thornton, who plays Bullock's sparring partner in the film, sported a sleeveless t-shirt and cowboy boots.

Thornton, who was recently seen in the hit television series Fargo, said he could see comparisons between the political stage and the Hollywood bubble.

"In both businesses and they are businesses, you have to watch what you say, you have to deal with the media a lot and you are trying to sell something.

"In Hollywood the stakes aren't as high, we can pretend we are important all day but we are really not, in politics we are talking about running the world, it's life and death. In Hollywood they make movies about that but they are not actually running a country."

:: Our Brand Is Crisis will open in UK cinemas on January 22 2016.


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