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Sangster: Serkis helped me in role

Thomas Sangster has heaped high praise on Andy Serkis, his co-star in Death Of A Superhero.

The duo appear together in the upcoming poignant drama - which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September - in which the Phineas And Ferb star plays a cancer patient with Andy as his therapist.

"He is great, a truly, truly great actor to bounce opposite. He makes such a difference, and he is always there in the scene," Thomas said.

"It doesn't matter even if he is not saying anything - he is always there and you can look at him and get the right reaction off him, and it's great fun to work with. It makes it easy. It is quite a hard part to play - the whole cancer thing can get a bit much - but he made it so easy. Some of the scenes were quite tense but he really helped a lot."

Thomas - who previously played the young Paul McCartney in Nowhere Boy - chose not to focus too much on the cancer aspect.

"I didn't want to bog it down to be a sad cancer film so I did a little bit of research with the cancer. I wanted to make sure that he was a kid and the fact that he had cancer was a secondary aspect. I just wanted to make sure he is a person in his own right," he said.

He hopes the film will be released in 2012, explaining: "They want to do the festival rounds first."

:: October is Ferbtober on the Disney XD channel, with the premiere of Phineas And Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension and the new series of Phineas And Ferb.


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