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Sarsgaard roles 'wildly different'

Peter Sarsgaard has said his recent dark roles are actually very different from each other.

The actor plays Chuck Traynor, a porn star's manipulative husband in the biopic Lovelace with Amanda Seyfried and the violent yet sympathetic death-row inmate Ray Seward in TV series The Killing.

But despite both characters being violent, Peter called them "wildly different" and said: "Ray would not hang out with Chuck for five minutes and would have no respect for him whatsoever."

In Lovelace his character coerces his wife into the pornography business, physically and emotionally abuses her, and even forces her to have sex with other men.

Amanda called Peter's Traynor "malicious and selfish", while castmate Debi Mazar said when in character, he was "terrifying and creepy" on set.

In The Killing, Peter's character goes through dramatic mood swings while on death row for killing his wife.

Peter said he thought Chuck was a "lost" man who thought he'd found something real with Lovelace and then turned violent when he "feels like he's losing her" and became jealous of the attention she got. He said Ray was "very disciplined" with "a kind of inner nobility" and "strong ideas about what's right and wrong".

The Green Lantern actor said he thinks seeing the dark and light in a character is "being like a realist... you look at people every day, you see both things all the time."


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