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Saturday Kitchen viewer sparks giggles with ‘I’ve got crabs’ remark

Chef and presenter Matt Tebbutt held back his laughter.


(Matt Cardy/PA)

(Matt Cardy/PA)

(Matt Cardy/PA)

Saturday Kitchen took an unexpected turn when a viewer rang into the show to declare “I’ve got crabs”.

The show’s host Matt Tebbutt had to suppress his giggles after Doug, from Hastings, used what appeared to be unfortunate wording with his cooking query.

After Tebbutt asked Doug for his question, he replied: “I’ve got crabs and I’m looking for a recipe that’ll cure it.”

Chef and presenter Tebbutt held back his laughter while his guests on the BBC1 show started giggling.

“You’re looking to do what with your recipe for fresh crabs,” he asked.

Saturday Kitchen Live viewers on Twitter were very amused.

@iamjocelynlaura wrote: “Did I just hear correctly? Doug from Hastings has just phoned – he has crabs.”

@Karenberryphoto wrote: “When Doug from Hastings unwittingly becomes a Twitter legend.”

David Allen wrote: “Doug from Hastings has crabs! Best caller ever!”

@MrDaveGibson wrote: “When you mix up the Saturday Kitchen number with the NHS Helpline”.