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Saunders: Everyone is Edina now

Jennifer Saunders says she thinks "everyone" is like her Absolutely Fabulous alter-ego Edina now.

The 53-year-old actress and comedian is resurrecting Edina for three Ab Fab specials and is considering a film.

Jennifer told the Christmas Radio Times that if she wrote a movie version "it would be about Patsy and Eddy being in search of what they could never achieve - the glamour, the slowness of life and the style of the dolce vita.

"Because the world has caught up with them. Everyone wears stupid clothes. Everyone shows their knickers as they get out of a cab. Everyone is Edina now."

The BBC One Ab Fab specials see Edina and Patsy (Joanna Lumley), famous for their outrageous outfits and love of Bolly, now in their 60s and trying to keep abreast of the modern world of tweeting and blogging.

Jennifer said: "What I love about them is that there's very little you can do that would seem unreal for them. I quite like that kind of cartoony-ness about them."

She added: "I think they're entering a new phase in which they can't keep up with everything. Eddy sometimes doesn't know what the new clubs or fashion designers are because you can't fit that much in your head."


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