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Scacchi had crush on Ford in film

Greta Scacchi enjoyed working with Harrison Ford on Presumed Innocent
Greta Scacchi enjoyed working with Harrison Ford on Presumed Innocent

Greta Scacchi has admitted she had a crush on Harrison Ford when they co-starred in the film Presumed Innocent.

The Italian-Australian actress made a name for herself in the 1990 thriller, and said sharing the screen with Harrison was one of the highlights.

"It was thrilling," she said. "Both Bonnie Bedelia and I had a crush on him, vying for his attentions, and he made no sign of a response to either of us.

"He was happily married at the time, and very shy, very sensitive and nice to work with."

Presumed Innocent marked Greta's move from low budget films to a multi-million dollar movie.

"It was an exciting experience because it meant going to work in America for the first time," said the 54-year-old.

"It was a high budget film, so it was a huge leap from anything I'd been used to in England, Australia and Italy, where things are relatively low budget, people work very hard and film crews are very good, but they're under time pressure and don't have so many resources.

"This was a luxury of resources, accommodation and everything, and we were given access to lawyers. There was a group of lawyers who were employed full time just to advise the actors. I've never since worked on something where the actor is given free reign to do authentic research with any amount of budget and support from whoever in high places."

The actress features in documentary film The Last Impresario, about prolific British theatre impresario and film producer Michael White.

:: The Last Impresario is out now.


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