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ScarJo doesn't want sex symbol tag

Scarlett Johansson has confessed she'd rather not be seen as a sex symbol.

The curvaceous blonde - whose notable films include Lost In Translation, which opened with a shot of her bottom in a pair of knickers, and Avengers Assemble as the PVC catsuit-clad Black Widow - told Easy Living magazine she'd like to be remembered for her acting.

Scarlett said: "It's easy to label an actor who's played sexually charged characters as a sex symbol. It's wonderful for people to think you're attractive but it's not something that defines me.

"Maybe that sounds... This is probably an annoying thing to say. But I'd like to think that I have more interesting defining qualities as an actor."

The 27-year-old actress - who briefly dated Sean Penn, 51, last year - had her big break aged 13 in The Horse Whisperer and revealed she feels older than her years.

Scarlett said: "I feel like I've lived a long time already. I've always been around older people.

"As a kid on set, I was always the youngest."

She added: "I guess I never think about someone's age. I find, in relationships with people of all ages, you learn so much. I have girlfriends in their fifties.


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