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Schilling: Efron's a goofball!

Taylor Schilling has revealed that despite the serious nature of her new movie The Lucky One, she and co-star Zac Efron had "a blast" on set.

High School Musical star Zac plays a US marine who finds love with Taylor's single mum character after returning from Iraq in the film, an adaptation of the bestselling Nicholas Sparks novel.

But the actress confessed it was laugh-a-minute once the cameras stopped rolling.

"I'm kind of a goofball and Zac is a goofball so together it was just debauchery," she said.

"We never took took ourselves too seriously - the work, yes, but we were fooling around the whole time."

Taylor was full of praise for her co-star Zac, whose army of fans turned out for the film's European premiere in London this week.

"He's a very hard worker and very determined, and I think he brings a lot of integrity to what he does," she added.


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