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Schwartzman's daughter Sherman fan

Jason Schwartzman has explained that his daughter became a big fan of the Sherman Brothers while he was preparing to play Mary Poppins songwriter Richard Sherman in Saving Mr Banks.

The Darjeeling Limited actor told Collider that he had spent a lot of time getting to know Richard, and before they met was listening to his music constantly.

He said: "It was a summer of just listening to Sherman Brothers music - living in LA. You're driving everywhere - always listening to some form of Sherman Brothers song.

"My daughter can sing every song, it's such a sign that what you do for a living affects those around you. As far as I can say - I'm not a neglectful father - I'm listening to these songs and trying to pick them apart and then before you know it, she can sing every one of these songs.

"Actually, a very moving thing happened where we were at the D23 festival and she came and I said, 'Marlowe, this is Richard Sherman. This is the guy who wrote all those songs that you love.' And then she just started singing them. She sang all of them, not even the Mary Poppins ones, like the Annette Funicello ones and the later ones. He started crying and that was such a beautiful moment, very moving."

Jason said of learning to play piano like Richard: "His kindness towards me alleviated a lot of stress but the main preparation for me was, I play these songs in the movie and I essentially felt that though no one's really going to see it... I want to be able to play these songs to the best of my abilities for real. If need be, I want to be able to play these."

He added: "My feeling was, if Tom Hanks is going to learn how to talk like Walt Disney, this is Richard's equivalent of talking. So I have to talk like Richard and I'm gonna do the accent, which in this case is the way he plays piano and that's what I focused on the most."


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