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Scott: I got typecast after Stifler

Seann William Scott has revealed he feels making his debut in American Pie has governed his career as a slapstick comedian.

The 35-year-old actor - who is about to reprise his role as party-loving Stifler in American Pie: The Reunion - admitted that he originally moved to Los Angeles looking for serious roles, but found himself typecast as a comic actor.

Seann said: "I moved to LA to pursue acting because I wanted to do dramas.

"I was never the funny guy in school. I was jealous of the funny guys because they got all the girls.

"So when I got American Pie I was shocked.

"I thought that after doing American Pie I could maybe do American Beauty! Then I did Road Trip, then I did American Pie 2. Then I just went back and made another American Pie."

Seann stars in new comedy Goon, about a dim-witted yet kind-hearted bouncer who overcomes the odds to lead a minor ice hockey team to glory. But he admitted he would love to take on more serious roles.

He said: "My hero growing up was Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange. That would be the best character to play.

"I would like to continue to play real roles instead of getting peed on."


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