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Secrets of Roger Rabbit revealed

Pee-Wee Herman star Paul Reubens has been revealed as the original voice of Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The 1988 film featured Charles Fleischer as the voice of Roger, opposite Bob Hoskins as detective Eddie Valiant and Kathleen Turner as the voice of Jessica Rabbit.

But new footage from a 1983 Disney Channel TV show called Disney Studio Showcase has emerged on YouTube via ThiefArchive, featuring Paul Reubens voicing the "lovable and goofy" character.

The clip shows the producer Marc Sturdivant, director Darrell van Citters and art director Mike Giaimo talking through preliminary sketches of the movie and even shows some early footage of the film.

Marc revealed: "Roger is a lovable, naive, sincere and kind of goofy type of guy who's always trying to do the right thing, [but he] always manages to mess things up."

The project was hailed as a first as it aimed to combine animated characters with real people - the first time this had been done for an entire feature length movie.

In the footage, the detective character - who ended up being played as a good guy by British star Bob Hoskins - is described as "a seedy cynical Humphrey Bogart kind of guy".

And in the early versions, femme fatale Jessica did not really love Roger Rabbit.

Producer Marc said: "Jessica is a rabbit by marriage only. She's actually an ambitious young starlet who married Roger to further her career and now that she's been given a part in a film that she's wanted, she's cast Roger aside.

"She doesn't care for him any more. Roger can't see that. He's blindly in love with her. He just doesn't see Jessica for the cunning and seductive person that she really is."


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