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Self-isolating felt like I had had an argument with my wife – Adam Hills

The comedian flew back to Australia amid the coronavirus crisis.


Adam Hills is expecting his children to interrupt The Last Leg: Locked Down Under (Ian West/PA)

Adam Hills is expecting his children to interrupt The Last Leg: Locked Down Under (Ian West/PA)

Adam Hills is expecting his children to interrupt The Last Leg: Locked Down Under (Ian West/PA)

Comedian Adam Hills said having to self-isolate in his family home after returning to Australia made him feel like he had had an argument with his wife that they could not remember the reason for.

The Last Leg star, who is hosting the new series of the Channel 4 show from his garage in Melbourne, reunited with his family after 10 weeks in the UK amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hills said he thinks his wife “accidentally harbours resentment” over the period.

He told the PA news agency: “When I got back to Australia I had to self-isolate for two weeks. So I was allowed to stay in the same house as my wife and kids because they were already here but I slept in my daughter’s bedroom for two weeks while she shared with my wife.

“My wife and I didn’t go too close to each other for two weeks so it felt like we had an argument and I wasn’t quite sure why. I was sleeping at the other end of the house, we’re not touching each other, I’ve even got my own bathroom, it  was really strange.”

He added: “You are trying to adjust to each other anyway, we had been apart for 10 weeks, and then we came back and I still think she accidentally harbours some resentment and thinks I wasn’t being affectionate and we were just trying to be safe.”

Hills is hosting the comedy show, which airs in the UK on Friday nights, at 7am on Saturday morning from Australia.

He is joined by Josh Widdicombe, who is broadcasting from his flat in London, and Alex Brooker, from his home in Huddersfield.

Hills said: “My kids have been briefed to only run into the garage at inopportune moments if they can guarantee it’s going to be funny, if it makes good TV.

“And not just my kids, the neighbour’s kids, the neighbour’s kids are so excited. My kids have seen me on TV, they know what I do, I wouldn’t say they are over it but it’s a bit normal for them, whereas one of the neighbour’s kids is pretty sure this is going to be the start of his rap career.

“I’m sure my kids will probably make an appearance at some point, there is this weird thing that has gone on over the past six weeks where a lot of people would hesitate to put their kids on camera, but it feels like at the moment you don’t really have a choice.

“Every second zoom call has got kids walking through. Regardless of what your job is, your kids are wandering in.”

The show sparked controversy when it returned to Channel 4 on Friday and guest Miriam Margolyes said she wanted Boris Johnson “to die” from coronavirus.

The actress, 78, told the hosts the Government’s handling of the pandemic has been a “disgrace” and a “public scandal”.

Her comments resulted in more than 240 complaints to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom.

The Last Leg: Locked Down Under continues on Channel 4 on Fridays at 10pm