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Selfie obsessed Derek Zoolander helps Ben Stiller into record books

True to male supermodel form Ben Stiller has taken the cast of Zoolander No 2 into the record books - with a selfie.

Using the world's longest selfie stick, the joker managed to get a horde of Hollywood stars into the frame as he raised the enormous pole above the red carpet in Leicester Square.

Co-stars Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell and Penelope Cruz beamed and Stiller flashed the trademark pout favoured by his on-screen character, Derek Zoolander, while a Guinness Book of Records official watched on to verify the bid.

The stars had gathered for the British premiere of the sequel to the 2001 cult comedy, which features a cameo by Justin Bieber and roles for Benedict Cumberbatch, Macaulay Culkin and Kim Kardashian.

The film sees male models Stiller (Zoolander) and Owen Wilson (Hansel) attempt to reclaim their place in the world of high fashion.

Unfortunately, they find themselves irrelevant, branded "old" and "lame".

Zoolander did not find box office success in 2001, but won legions of fans in the following years.

Stiller told the Press Association: "I felt bad for Derek after the first movie came out, because I think he thought he was going to have a bigger career after the movie, and nobody really went to the movie. And his modelling career kind of went down.

"Last few years there's been a resurgence and now he's like back on top really, back in the limelight. I think when he realised the first movie wasn't a documentary and it was actually supposed to be fun - because he tried to sue Paramount - he got very confused.

"Anyway it's nice to have him back."

:: Zoolander No 2 is released in UK cinemas on February 12.


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