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Selleck up for Three Men sequel

Tom Selleck has revealed that he would consider appearing in a new Three Men And A Baby film.

The 67-year-old actor, who played architect Peter Mitchell in the 1987 comedy and the 1990 sequel, Three Men And A Little Lady, admitted he has discussed the possibility of making a third film - tentatively titled Three Men And A Bride - with co-stars Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, reported Entertainment Weekly.

"We'd love to get back together if they've got a good idea," he told US chat show The Talk.

Tom, who currently stars in TV cop drama Blue Bloods, added: "It seemed to be real, and then it disappeared. If they're smart, they'll do it."

A Disney spokesman confirmed the movie remains in early development.

In June 2010, Tom revealed that the three stars have been approached to reprise their roles.

"It is true that Disney checked my availability. And I know they checked Ted's and Steve's, and then had a script written, I think tentatively called Three Men And A Bride, which kind of says it all," he told MTV.

"I hope it's a good script, and if it is a good script I hope they do it, because it would be really fun to get back with Ted and Steve. The strongest of the two movies, I think, is the first one. It had more heart, and that's what I hope this third one would have if we do it."

Three Men And A Baby, which focused on three bachelors raising a child, was the biggest box office hit of 1987 and grossed more than 168 million dollars in the US.


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