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Selwyn's raw talent was not enough to keep him in MasterChef

He was not successful, but was certainly popular.

MasterChef introduced some of its strongest contestants yet on Thursday – but all viewers wanted to talk about was one amateur cook’s kitchen nightmare.

Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace decided to put four chefs through to the quarter finals rather than three because the standard was so high, leaving just one competitor, Selwyn, to crash out of the final task.

Selwyn had a disastrous round in which much of his food was served up raw.

A fan of the cook compared him to X Factor rapper Honey G.

Viewers agreed that they did not mind Selwyn’s lack of cooking skill because he seemed nice.

Many expressed sympathy for him when the final results came in.

But plenty of viewers thought that Selwyn’s moustache had been the star of the episode.

Meanwhile, the judges allowing both Brodie and Jim through to the next round caused much hilarity with viewers making the same joke about their similarity in name to children’s TV programme Rosie And Jim.

MasterChef continues on Friday on BBC One at 8.30pm.


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