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Serkis: Actors can fear technology

Andy Serkis has admitted he is "a bit evangelical" about the growing trend for performance-capture in films.

The Lord Of The Rings star has appeared in a number of hit movies which employ the new technology - where an actor's movements and expressions are used to bring a computerised character to life.

"Some actors are scared of it, and some filmmakers think that it's not proper acting," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"They think that actors will be replaced by computers. But I think it's an amazing and really liberating acting tool. Since Avatar, there's been a greater understanding thanks to (director) Jim Cameron because he went out of his way to say that it's digital make-up, basically, and that these were real actors' performances."

Father-of-three Andy, who will next be seen on screens in The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, has also been working with director Peter Jackson on the new Hobbit film.

"Peter Jackson asked me if I'd be the second-unit director on The Hobbit, so I am back in New Zealand doing that," he explained.

"It's been amazing, and Peter's put a lot of trust in me."


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