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Serkis' performance capture lab

Andy Serkis is launching his own performance capture studio and academy in the UK.

The British actor - who starred in Lord Of The Rings and King Kong, and will play Captain Haddock in Spielberg's 3D Tintin movie, all made through performance capture - said his studio, Imaginarium, will be a "laboratory" for filmmakers to experiment with the technology.

Andy revealed: "I'm setting up a performance capture studio of my own here in the UK called the Imaginarium.

"It's going to have an academy attached to it and it's to service films and games. It's looking at the relationship of performance capture with the live performing arts and it's like a laboratory for actors, directors and filmmakers to come and experiment with the art and craft of performance capture."

Andy insists performance capture acting is no difference to acting a normal part in front of a camera.

He said: "It's very much like normal acting. People I think have a slightly skewed attitude towards it. But it's exactly the same process - you're getting into character and playing a role and it's just finally the character is manifested on screen as a digital representation of your performance."

Andy will be appearing at the Encounters International Film Festival in Bristol on November 19 as part of the short film festival's Brief Encounters presentation to discuss his new Imaginarium project and the future of performance capture.

Encounters 16th International Film Festival runs from November 16 to 21 in Bristol. More information can be found at


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