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Serkis tight-lipped over Star Wars

Andy Serkis has revealed he will only play one character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but has refused to divulge any details on the rest of the film.

The Planet Of The Apes star's character can be heard narrating the most recent trailer for Episode VII of the Star Wars franchise, but stayed tight-lipped in an interview with Entertainment Weekly about his role.

He confirmed: "I can say I only play one character."

Andy added of his character's husky voice: "There's no digital manipulation. That's just me."

Questioned about whether he would be playing an action character, Andy hinted: "That, I hope. I'd better."

The actor had more to say about the secrecy surrounding the upcoming film's plot, saying: "People were flying drones over the walls to see what's going on."

He explained of the strict rules about keeping the plot a surprise: "It's about not wanting to spoil anything for anyone. The expectation is massive, and nobody wants to ruin it in any way. I think that's right.

"No one wants to, by saying the wrong thing or being misleading, you don't want to dilute it."


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