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Sessions is a tearjerker warns Macy

William H Macy has confessed that his first viewing of new movie The Sessions left him "a blubbering idiot".

The actor plays a priest in the film, which stars John Hawkes as a 38-year-old man crippled by polio, determined to lose his virginity, and Helen Hunt as the sex therapist helping him to achieve his goal.

"I find it so moving," Macy revealed. "I saw it at Sundance, it just destroyed me.

"I was a blubbering idiot, thank God they rolled all the credits so I had time to clean myself up before the lights came up."

The 62-year-old actor also said he was happy to play such a positive portrayal of a priest.

"I love my priest, he's a good guy," he laughed.

"What an odd thing, to play a priest who's the good guy, and smart, and thinking - it's the bumper sticker, what would Jesus do?"


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