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Seyfried: I'd do comedy every day

Amanda Seyfried has said she loves comedy so much she would do it every day if she could.

The Lovelace star has been filming Western-themed comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West and talked about how much she'd enjoyed the experience.

She said: "It's really good fun. Working on a comedy is so amazing. There's a lot of improv that goes on. Seth (MacFarlane who wrote, directs and stars in the film) is great, he's such a good actor.

"I miss it. I would do a comedy every day if I could."

But Amanda admitted she still enjoyed the grittier roles offered by films like Lovelace.

Of comedy she said: "But you can't dive deep in that. It's all about being realistic in these funny situations but they are very different things."

Amanda plays famous porn star Linda Lovelace in Lovelace which is released in cinemas on August 23.


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