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Shaun The Sheep trailer released


The Shaun The Sheep Movie is due out in spring 2015

The Shaun The Sheep Movie is due out in spring 2015

The Shaun The Sheep Movie is due out in spring 2015

Shaun The Sheep is racing towards the big screen with the first trailer released of the Shaun The Sheep Movie.

The teaser shows Shaun driving in a red open-top sports car, zooming through the city with the wind in his woolly hair.

The camera then zooms out to show a moving background of the city skyline on a screen behind the car, which is propped up on hay bales, and Shaun's flock and their sheep dog surrounding him blowing hairdryers and a leaf blower to create the wind effect.

Other sheep are operating the lights and playing the music, while his young cousin Timmy is raised on a pole above the car in a giant pair of underpants, shooting the film on a mobile phone.

When the farmer walks past with a wheel barrow the flock quickly flip the screen to show a picture of a field and farmhouse and try to look innocent.

The Shaun the Sheep Movie - due to hit cinemas in spring 2015 - will see Shaun and his farmyard friends have to head into the city to rescue their farmer.

Shaun was first seen as one of the characters in the Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit film A Close Shave.

David Sproxton, executive chairman of animators Aardman, said: "Shaun and his friends have a massive global following and we are very excited about being able to put them into a bigger adventure for the big screen."

The film will feature the voices of children's TV star Justin Fletcher and Welsh comedian John Sparks.