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Sheen president livelier than dad's

Charlie Sheen has claimed his portrayal of the US President in Machete Kills was more action-packed than the version his dad played in The West Wing.

Martin Sheen played the world leader for seven series of the television show and now his son has taken on the premier role in Robert Rodriguez's ultra violent forthcoming film Machete Kills.

Charlie said: "I play a pretty interesting President. It's one day in the Oval Office and I sleep with three women, pull out a machine gun, drink, smoke and swear. I was thinking, 'Seven years [in The West Wing] and dad didn't do any of that!'

"But the film is amazing. Rodriguez is a freaking genius."

But Charlie wasn't so full of praise for his recent film A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III, written and directed by Oscar-winner Roman Coppola, where he plays a graphic designer falling apart after his girlfriend leaves.

He said: "That was a mess. Sorry Roman, not to be more diplomatic, but if we're going to make a movie, at least make something that people are going to go see and not be stuck in that freaking vortex of art!

"If I want art, I'll go to the museum. Sorry, that's a little harsh, but I'm a bit mad."

Machete Kills is released in cinemas on October 11.


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