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Sherlock is a ride for Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch has promised plenty of excitement and action on the BBC adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.

The Atonement actor plays the iconic master detective in the modern-day remake Sherlock, which sees his pipe replaced by Nicorette patches and he touts for business through a website.

"There are some great chase scenes, the odd explosion, some Kung Fu sequences, and a fight with a Chinese war lord - I shoot a human giant who strangles people with his bare hands, chase a taxi cab through the streets of London, so it's definitely a rollercoaster ride," Benedict said.

Set in the present day, the writers behind Doctor Who (Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss) use science and technology to help Holmes solve his crimes.

"I doubt he uses Wikipedia much - but he uses technology as a resource," Benedict added,

"This man contains things that technology, no matter how efficient it is, cannot know - he's one step beyond because he's human."

:: Sherlock begins on BBC One on July 25.


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