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Shia happy with Transformers stunts

Shia Labeouf can be seen celebrating an explosion on the set of Transformers 3 in new footage leaked online.

The actor, who stars as Sam Witwicky, gets up onto a platform to get a good view of the stunt, and shakes his fist in appreciation.

The video, on the Vimeo website and shot by a member of the public who claims to have filmed the footage from his work window, also shows Transformers cars being driven around a wreckage, with other cars flipped upside down and on fire.

Meanwhile in another video, leaked on the MTV Movies Blog site, Shia's co-star Josh Duhamel seems less enthusiastic about the explosive set, instead choosing to take time out by throwing an American football around.

And new star Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley - Megan Fox's replacement - seems to laugh at one of Shia's jokes in between takes before the pair are filmed darting out of a car and hiding in a bus shelter away from the multiple explosions, with cars being catapulted into the air and catching fire.


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