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Shyamalan: No Smith rows on set

M Night Shyamalan revealed that Will Smith and son Jaden have a "normal" father-son relationship while working together on a movie.

The pair play father and son in the director's sci-fi action movie After Earth, and Shyamalan revealed that while 14-year-old Jaden didn't always agree with his dad, they worked it out on set.

He said: "They seem really healthy. I've never seem them fight. They have a normal relationship, he gets irritated at his dad, but no teenage blow-out fights."

Shyamalan added: "On set, seeing Will give him advice, the way he did it, the way he would do it, assuming how Jaden would be feeling at this stage in his career, learning how to act and being in the spotlight.

"And seeing Jaden wanting to be like his dad, and realising he's different, thinking, 'I want what my dad has but I won't be able to do it his way', all that is happening silently. It was fascinating to watch."

The director was inspired by the father-son relationship when he wrote the film about a futuristic general who takes his son on a bonding trip to Earth, which has become a dangerous, derelict place.

"I guess I just had something to say about the father-son relationship," Shyamalan said.

"My father and I are really close. We mainly chat about sport, because we're guys, but we also talk about important things - usually at crisis times when there's a health issue or something bad is happening."

Recently, he says, he's sensed a shift in the dynamics: "It's started to tip into me giving my dad advice, rather than him telling me what to do."

:: After Earth is released on Friday, June 7


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