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Sienna Miller: I’ve been screamed at, underpaid and undervalued

The actress said she has been mistreated during her career.

Sienna Miller (Ian West/PA)
Sienna Miller (Ian West/PA)

Sienna Miller has said she has been “screamed at and underpaid and undervalued and treated like shit” over the course of her acing career.

The Alfie star – who has also appeared in films such as American Sniper, Foxcatcher and Factory Girl – said she feels lucky to have never been sexually harassed at work but has been poorly treated in other ways.

She told digital magazine PorterEdit: “I was fortunate that I’ve never – of course, we’ve experienced sexual harassment in our lives because we’re women – but I’ve never, within my industry, had that experience.

“I’ve been screamed at and underpaid and undervalued and treated like shit, but no one had ever, luckily, propositioned me in that way, or gone there.

Miller added that she has received bigger paychecks since the Time’s Up movement for gender equality.

She said: “I recently got paid a significant amount of money for the first time in my entire life for a film that I did.

“I finally understood how it must have felt to be a man. Not as much, but I actually got paid [more than ever].”

Miller will next be seen in The Loudest Voice, a miniseries about Fox News founder Roger Ailes, who was forced to resign from the network amidst a sexual harassment scandal.

She said as she has got older she feels more empowered in her career choices, adding: “I have more of an understanding of how this [industry] works, and that it’s not as complicated as I thought.

“It has something to do with feeling less [stifled by gender roles]. I’m willing as an artist to throw a load of stuff against the wall and see what sticks.

“I really do feel like this moment is just empowering, like, ‘Why the hell shouldn’t I be doing this? Why not?’”

Miller said the paparazzi attention on her, which peaked during her relationship with Jude Law, has dipped in recent years, but is still part of her daily life.

Sienna Miller being mobbed by photographers (Fiona Hanson/PA)

She added: “[It’s] calmed down. I wouldn’t say I’m hounded… They exist. It’s frustrating.

“They know that every morning, at a certain time, I walk my kid to school.

“Whereas in the past they might be right in front of my face shouting, they’re now hiding behind bins on the other side of the street.

“I can somewhat ignore it, but also, I don’t want to get papped at 8:15 in the morning, [when] I refuse to put make-up on or put on an outfit. I really have respect for those women who can dress up for the school run. But I refuse to capitulate.”

She also doesn’t post on social media, saying: “I don’t even have the [Instagram] app. It’s very Utopian, like everybody should feel OK and connected, but I do see that people are more anxious, more depressed and less connected than they were before.

“When I had [the app], every car ride, every spare moment would be catching up on that, versus actually sitting and being alone with whatever I was feeling.

“You have to be willing to really expose your world and your life and open that up to people, and I just can’t do it without a f*** ton of anxiety… But as soon as I’m around someone who’s got it, I’m like, ‘Gimme your phone’, and I just totally crack out on it.”



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