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Simon Pegg: Be Tom Cruise for a day

Simon Pegg thinks that everyone should experience being Tom Cruise for a day so they can "shut the hell up" about the Mission: Impossible superstar.

The 41-year-old is close friends with the Hollywood A-lister, after starring alongside Tom in four films in the Mission: Impossible series, including the latest instalment, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, which opens in cinemas on December 26.

"It would be intriguing to wear Tom Cruise's face for a day. I think everybody should be Tom Cruise for a day and see what it's like, and then maybe they'd shut the hell up about a lot of stuff," said the Shaun Of The Dead star.

"He pays for his amazing life and his amazing job, he sacrifices a certain amount of privacy and normality, and it's not always easy for him. I see a guy who finds it hard to take his little kid down the street to buy ice cream because everyone wants a piece of him. And I think people forget that."

Simon has only high praise for Tom, after they spent months filming the fifth film of the blockbuster franchise and even attended a hockey game with the action star.

"It's difficult not to want to be best buddies with Tom because he's such a charismatic guy, you know," he continued.

"We spent seven months together so we'd hang out; he took me to a hockey game, that was amazing fun, in Canada; and we'd have dinner."


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