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Simon Pegg: No more Mr Nice Guy

Simon Pegg has revealed he is relishing the chance to play a homicidal maniac in new film Kill Me Three Times.

The World's End star is about to begin shooting the Australian thriller in Perth, directed by Red Dog's Kriv Stenders.

Simon revealed: "It's a sort of crime thriller in which I play a thoroughly horrible person.

"I generally play quite nice guys, I'm fairly ordinary as a person so I can play those ordinary characters

"But this guy in Kill Me Three Times is a homicidal maniac so it's quite fun to have that to play."

The star of Star Trek and Shaun Of The Dead said that, apart from playing Doctor Who villain The Editor, his selfish, party-loving loser character Gary King in The World's End is the closest he has come to being a baddie.

He said: "Gary King was the closest to a bad guy I've every played, with the exception of Doctor Who, so I'm quite excited about doing this."

Simon also revealed he is "pretty confident" Mission: Impossible 5 with Tom Cruise will begin shooting next year.

He said: "We're at that stage now where we're waiting to pull the trigger on it. It's not definite but I would be delighted to do that again. I love working with Tom and those guys and anything JJ [Abrams] and [his production company] Bad Robot do I'm a fan of."


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