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Sir Ian McKellen unfazed at missing out on X-Men opportunity

Sir Ian McKellen has playfully dismissed Sir Patrick Stewart's claims his friend felt left out when he was not featured in the latest X-Men movie.

The duo have appeared in numerous superhero films together and recently completed a run of No Man's Land together in the West End, and Sir Patrick had said he thought his co-star was sad to be left out of the latest blockbuster.

Sir Patrick resumed his role as Professor X in Logan, which marks Hugh Jackman's last turn as Wolverine, but Sir Ian's character Magneto does not appear.

However Sir Ian, who will soon be seen in the live action remake of Beauty And The Beast, jokingly told the Press Association: "I think when you reach a certain age you don't want to go on flogging what might eventually become a dead horse.

"No, I'm delighted for Patrick. If he can get the work, he must take it. And I gather he's wonderful in this film with Hugh.

"Of course I would have liked to be in it but I was busy doing a Disney movie."

Beauty And The Beast is released in UK cinemas on March 17.


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