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Sir Patrick Stewart thinks about dying ‘every day’

He said his generation of actors have been “decimated”.

Sir Patrick Stewart has said he thinks about dying every single day.

The X Men actor, who turns 77 next week, said the deaths of other actors from his generation led him to consider his own mortality.

He told the Sunday People: “My generation has been decimated. So many actors have gone.

“There is a not a day goes by where I don’t think of my mortality.”

Sir Patrick Stewart (Matt Crossick/PA)

Sir Patrick, whose wife Sunny Ozell is 38 years his junior, said: “I am 76 years old. I am married to a much younger woman and I cannot see her without reflecting on the ­differences in our ages and expectations and so forth.”

The veteran actor also spoke about suffering from hereditary condition osteoarthritis.

“I recently had eight injections in my hands, four into each knuckle,” he told the newspaper.

“After the third one I thought, I can’t do any more, this is too unpleasant. And then you remind yourself, come on, Patrick, this is all good experience.

“Nothing is ever wasted. You store it away and one day you might need it. I might need to pretend to experience some pain. Now I know what the hell it feels like.”


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