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Sir Roger Moore played James Bond longer than any other 007 star

He held the title for an impressive total of 14 years.

Sir Roger Moore played the role of James Bond on the big screen for longer than any other actor.

He held the title for a total of 14 years, from 1972 – when he was officially confirmed as 007 – to 1986, when his successor Timothy Dalton was formally announced.

In total, he spent 5,118 days as James Bond and starred in seven films, beginning with Live And Let Die in 1973 and ending with A View To A Kill in 1985.


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Current 007 actor Daniel Craig is the second longest-serving Bond, having so far spent 4,239 days playing the secret agent.

He will need to clock up another two-and-a-half years to pass Sir Roger’s record.

Daniel’s predecessor as Bond, Pierce Brosnan, is third place in the rankings, while the original 007, Sean Connery, is fourth.

Timothy Dalton, who appeared in two films, is fifth. George Lazenby, star of just one Bond film, is in last place.


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Sir Roger was officially unveiled as James Bond at a press conference at the Dorchester Hotel in London on August 1 1972.

“I think that I’ve got an even-money chance to make it,” he told reporters. “After all, I’ve been around a long time in this business. I did The Saint on television for seven years.”

He would end up playing 007 for twice that long.