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Sly 'like teenager with arthritis'

Sylvester Stallone has insisted he and his ageing co-stars in the Expendables were more than up to the physical demands of the movie.

The fight scenes in the new film - which Sly also wrote and directed - are real, and the star broke his neck and tore his shoulder while filming a fight scene with Steve Austin.

But he said: "I look at myself as like an 18-year-old with arthritis. I know we were called geezers and we're this and we're past our prime, but I said good, wait until you see this."

He added: "I said, 'You guys, we have to do something very physical without CGI that's interesting to watch. I mean, we have to throw down.

"They were all for it."

And Steve agreed, saying he even enjoyed being hurt by the stunt doubles.

"You didn't see a lot of guys wearing wires and flying around all over the set. When you got hit, you got hurt, and that was nice," he said. "It was good, old-school physical stuff. It looked real and a lot of it was real."


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