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Sly Stallone facing film lawsuit

Sylvester Stallone is being pursued by a Brazilian production company, claiming he owes them over two million dollars for work on new movie The Expendables.

The 64-year-old Rocky star - who filmed scenes in and around Rio in April 2009 - is facing a lawsuit brought by his Brazilian partners, O2, the firm behind Blindness and City of God.

In a statement, O2 does not specify what work it did but says it was not a co-producer on the project.

It said: "In 2009 O2 performed production services for the film [The] Expendables, directed and acted in by Sylvester Stallone ... until now, the company is awaiting reimbursement for its expenditure."

O2 claims Stallone owes 2.2 million dollars for work on the action movie, due out later this month, in which he stars with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke and British hardman Jason Statham.

Stallone's LA publicist Michelle Bega would not comment on the case.


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