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Snipes: Martial arts skills rusty

Wesley Snipes has revealed how one of his Expendables scenes was cut, because he couldn't master a fancy move.

The Blade star, who returns to the big screen as Doc Death in The Expendables 3 after his release from prison, admitted director Patrick Hughes told him to forego the stunt, where he was meant to flip a machete up in the air.

"I was a little rusty in the first couple of takes. There was a sequence where I was supposed to flick this machete into a nice flip up before I slashed a guy," he said.

"I flipped it and threw it over the head, tried it again and threw it over somebody else's head, so they said, 'We'll go without the flip, Wes. It won't be in the movie'."

The actor said he enjoyed showing off his martial arts skills again: "To me, doing martial arts in films is like being a dancer. It was one of my childhood passions to be a dancer so this is the closest thing I can get to performing the way I would have if I was on stage as a dancer. So getting to do it was exhilarating."

Wesley - who served a three-year term in prison in 2010 after failing to file income tax returns and was released in 2013 - had been wanting to reunite with Sylvester Stallone since their starring turn in 1993's Demolition Man.

" That was the last time we were on screen together, but we've seen each other over the years and talked about doing something else. I consider him a friend, an advisor and a counsellor," he said.

"He's helped me get a lot of understanding about this business and the highs and lows and how to deal with fame, fortune and opportunity in this game, so he's a dear friend. I respect him greatly. The opportunity to work with him was something I couldn't pass up."

While the 52-year-old actor said "yes immediately", he had one condition.

"[I told Sly], 'I don't want to die in this movie' and he said, 'Don't worry, you won't die. We've got something nice for you'," he said.

:: The Expendables 3 opens in cinemas on August 14.


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