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Snyder: Superman's a change for me

Zack Snyder has promised his new Superman movie will be "divinely" different from his previous films.

The director of fantasy adventures 300, Watchmen and the highly anticipated Sucker Punch has promised a much more grounded setting for his film adaptation of the Man of Steel.

Zack said: "I'd say that Superman in some ways is divinely different from the movies that I've made in the past. Only because it doesn't exist in a stylised world. It exists in the real world."

The Dawn Of The Dead director is working with production team Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas on the project, and has cast Henry Cavill as Clarke Kent and Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Superman's parents.

Zack said he wants his Superman to be "immensely physical" and to face "a credible threat" from whatever villain is featured, "because I feel like that's a thing that I'm not sure I've seen for a while in the Superman world."

Sucker Punch is the director's first film not derived from outside source material and features a melange of over-the-top movie-geek eye candy: jet packs, dragons, samurai swords, Nazi zombies, plus heroines in pigtails and stiletto heels packing heavy weaponry.

He said: "I want the net result to be like the movie ends and you're just like 'What the...?'."

The film stars young Australian actress Emily Browning as a girl trying to break herself and others out of an asylum. It also features Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung.


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