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Snyder unveils Affleck as Batman

Zack Snyder has revealed Ben Affleck's Batman suit on Twitter
Zack Snyder has revealed Ben Affleck's Batman suit on Twitter

Ben Affleck's Batman costume has been unveiled for the first time.

The Oscar-winning actor and director is playing the superhero in Zack Snyder's Superman-Batman movie, and director Zack has posted a picture of Ben in character, standing with the new Batmobile on Twitter.

Zack posted the black and white photo he had taken himself with the caption: "Batfleck and the Batmobile!"

The picture shows Ben in a skin tight black rubber body suit which accentuates his bulging muscles on his arms and torso. He has the traditional black cape hanging down his shoulders, and his mask exposes only his mouth and chin, with quite small bat ears on the top.

He is wearing a black utility belt, with a Batman symbol on the suit.

The front of the Batmobile is very long and pointed and appears heavily armoured.

Fans are already doing comparisons with Christian Bale's Batman costume in The Dark Knight Rises, although his suit was more armoured on the shoulders and had a gold belt with a Batman moniker in the centre. Christian did not have the traditional cape in his last outing as the superhero.

The bat suit has seen many evolutions on screen.

The DC comic book character of millionaire Bruce Wayne's crime-fighting alter ego had a black cape, mask with bat ears and a bat symbol in the middle of his chest and belt.

Adam West in the 1960s TV series wore a grey spandex suit with a yellow and black bat symbol on his chest and a black cape and mask.

Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's 1989 movie adaptation wore a rubber suit with the yellow bat symbol and a black cape and mask with long pointed ears.

Val Kilmer's portrayal in Batman Forever 1995 featured a much more fitted suit with emphasis on his muscles, a gold bat symbol and blades on his sleeves.

And when George Clooney played the role in Batman And Robin in 1997 his costume was heavily mocked for the emphasis of his nipples in the fitted rubber suit.


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